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Match People with Places – That’s what I do. Rather its helping tenants and landlords find what works for them or helping folks looking to invest in a home or rental property, my goal is always to as helpful as I can from start to finish. Tell me what you’re looking for and I will do my best to find it and negotiate with the powers that be (seller/owner, broker) to make sure you acquire it for the best deal possible. I’m not going to drag you around all over town and waste your time looking at houses/investments that don’t meet your criteria. Hire me and your ‘Must Have/Must Not Have’ lists will be top of mind to me and my team until we find it. Give us a chance. A few months, if we don’t make you happy, you can fire us and hire someone else. No hard feelings.

My experience has been varied, but over the past few years, since 2015 years, since gaining my license as a trade name broker, i.e., Green Pea Real Estate Sales & Mgmt., I’ve mostly made a living managing residential rental investment properties and helping a few of my management clients buy and/or sell them. I have also worked with a few tenants become FIRST-TIME home buyers

Life to the Full
A friend who I adore and who is much more spiritual than me, told me a story once about how he went to a social event where the host had made Roti platters that were so good, he had eaten until he was stuffed. When it was time for him to leave, she offered him one to go. He accepted her offer and then watched her pack two in the bag with a wink of the eye and few cookies. He thanked her and headed home thrilled to the core.  

Then something unexpected happened. A homeless man got on the train. He had seen this guy before and had given him a few dollars from time to time.  This time when he saw him a moment of defensiveness rushed into his thoughts, saying to himself “I am not about to give this guy my food. I feel for him, but this is mine”.  He said, he held that stance almost the entire ride.  Then the spirit of the Lord came over him and softened him up.  After all, he had two; he could share and still have plenty for himself, and he had already eaten more than enough.

When the train pulled into the station for him to transfer to the next train, before the doors opened, he got to his feet, walked over to the elderly homeless man, withdraw a Roti for his bag and presented him the gift. The gentleman was so very grateful for the meal it seemed like he wanted to hug him, but could not quite get to his feet, and instead sort of gestured it towards him, holding his arms up as if to embrace him, yet sparing him the whole actual hugging part.

My friend told me that giving that man his roti, felt so sensational that when he got on the next train and saw another homeless person, he gave up his cookies. Then leaving the train station on the few blocks to his house he ran into a street kid and there went the 2nd Roti. He said that by the time he got home felt so good, he was fired up and ready to go write his Sunday sermon about what it meant to have Life to the Full. For him it meant being service to other. He said throughout his life, the more he gave the more he was been given.  He has a good job, good, friends, a beautiful wife, great kids a nice home and he is healthy and financially stable. His life is full and he enjoys nothing more than being of service his God by way of service to those around him.  

I love that story, and it has struck over many years that there is no better life purpose than to always strive to be of use to my local community. As a Real Estate Broker, to me that means being willing to go out of my way to find spaces my clients can be proud to own and live their lives in.

Patricia Hamilton
Licensed Broker, Green Pea Real Estate Sales & Mgmt. Serves.

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