Well kept Spaces Attract & Keep Well Kept Tenants

Rental Service Includes
  • Apartment showings
  • Comprehensive application screenings for perspective tenants.
  • Previous address & credit profile
  • Collection of the required security deposit and first months’ rent.
  • When a tenant is accepted, owner gets tenant folder (application, paystubs) along with the security deposit and any other monies collected on behalf of the landlord, less agreed on tenant placement fee. 

New Tenant Move-In onboarding:

  • Once chosen, we will do a Move-In Condition walkthrough the premise with tenant(s) and complete a move-in condition statement to be signed by tenant(s), and provide them with a copy of it.
  • Collect any remaining balance of move-in rent and deposit monies owed.
  • Introduce the landlord to the tenant if, he/she is available.
  • Read through the lease agreement, any landlord pet policy agreement and the like with the tenant, have them sign the dotted line and provide them with a copy.
  • Hand over the keys and make sure the new tenant(s) has contact information to reach the landlord/property manager and/or maintenance person(s) when needs and know where to send the rent.

* We have a standard fill-in lease agreement available that was prepared by a local attorney, or if preferred, landlords are welcome to use their own, which can be looked at by our attorney for a small fee on request (recommended but not required)

We are flexible: If any landlord is available and prefers to do their own onboarding, arrangements can be made for a tenant and landlord meetup for leasing signing and key exchange.

On request: Move-Out condition statement – If you have tenant moving out and expecting a return on their security deposit, we can be available to do a final walkthrough with tenant(s) moving out and help them fill out a move-out condition statement detailing any damage to the apartment or items being left which may incur deductions from their return to cover repairs, clean up and/or furnisher removal and have them sign it as an agreement to the condition in which they are leaving the apartment, and the fact that the landlord may make appropriate deductions from their deposit as result. Most tenants, even those leaving under adverse circumstances would agree to do this to protect their own interest and to gain some reasonable expectation of how much, if not all, of their deposit they should expect to receive back and when. * In New York State landlords are required to let tenants know within 14 days from the date of move-out to return the full deposit to tenants or let them know what deductions(s) if any will be withheld and for what reason.

We do not make suggestions to tenants as to what dollar amount a landlord may withhold from their deposit for any necessary repairs, cleaning, or furniture removal. We only let them know there may be deductions if they are not leaving the apartment in broom swept condition with no damages beyond normal wear and tear, and all their personal belongings removed.

If there is a move-in condition statement available, that was signed by the tenant on move-in, we can provide the tenant with a copy as a reminder. If a Green Pea Rental Agent did your move-in onboarding we should have a copy of the move-in condition statement that was filled out and signed by the tenant on move-in. We can also collect the key from the tenant moving out, make sure the apartment is secure and drop the key over to the appropriate party.

Pictures Disclaimer: Pictures taken of the property are for marketing purposes only, to market the property and encourage potential renters/buyers to come take a look.  They are not intended to be a true representation of the condition of the property or any part of it, and therefore are not suitable to be used as proof of the condition of the property in any court proceeding. That said, pictures may be provided to the owner if requested on a flash drive for an additional cost of $35. Please note as well that we are not a professional photography company and some pictures may be blurred, distorted or otherwise unusable.

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Flat Fee Rental Service $800 or 1 months rent, whichever is less

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