Property Management Services

Tenant Support: Tired of answering tenant phone calls?

Have them forwarded to my office.  We  will answer your tenants calls and respond to their needs accordingly, such as answer questions, fill out forms, prepare and serve notices for noise, garbage and other lease violations, inform property owner of any ongoing tenant complaints/suggestions, schedule and oversee maintenance, etc. (based on owner agreement).

Other Services included in management contract

Rent Collection: Tenants have choice to pay online, mail-in or in person.

Flat Fee Rental Service 50% discount Plus extended guarantee. (6 months)

Regular Inspections & Pest Prevention:  We do unexpected walk troughs from time to time and look for excuses to enter tenant’s apartments to visually inspect each apartment for lifestyle clues that may affect the upkeep of the building such as: do they routinely keep a lot of dirty dishes, or keep garbage in the apartment rather than putting it out each week, or do they have unapproved pets living in the apartment or unreported leaks running up the water bill, etc.  If pests are a problem we can recommend a licensed exterminator for monthly services until the situation is under control.   

Eviction notices are automatically disbursed on the 5th day of each month for any unpaid/ past due rent amounts. We will prepare payment arrangements for tenants to make up rent in arrears at our discretion, with the support of the of the property owner. Property owner agrees to evict tenants at the discretion of management. Management is paid commission based on the amount of rent collected each month.

Please note: Broker is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice or prepare legal documents. We work with the local Marshal/sheriff on eviction processing, beyond the initial notice, and all costs are set by them and local court filing fee(s).

– Other services as requested by property owner.

Pricing Structure: 8% – 10% of the monthly rent roll depending on services required
15% If we are responsible for grass removal and bill payments / We outsource snow removal on a monthly/yearly contract or per incident, its up to the property owner/landlord.

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