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Serving the Mohawk Valley since 2011 – HERKIMER, Utica & Rome NY

Real Estate Sales & Purchases

As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, and that has worked with income investment properties for the length of our career, we can help you choose your next investment purchase, or if you need to cash out of an investment, I’m sure our cash buyer/broker network can come up with a few leads

Reliable Leasing

  • List available apartments on NYS MLS, and local classifieds and rental listing sites and
  • Work with local agencies for tenant acquisition, referrals and rent collection
  • Fill out landlord statements and other forms as necessary.
  • Hire and oversee maintenance as needed.

90-Day Tenant Evict & Replacement guarantee

Eviction Myths & New Rules

Nobody wants to evict anyone, ever, but unfortunately, it’s part of the job of being a landlord. Even the most seasoned landlords and rental agents get it wrong from time to time. See Blog post:
Eviction Myths & New Rules

90-Day Tenant Evict & Replacement guarantee: If we put a tenant in your Rental that we or you find is not working out within 90 days of placement, We will do the paperwork and process the eviction at cost (saving you $45-$200).

Tenant Management

Tired of answering tenant phone calls? Have them forwarded to our office.  We will answer your tenant’s calls and respond to their needs accordingly. (i.e fill out forms, prepare and serve notices for noise, garbage, and other lease violations; schedule and oversee maintenance, etc. (based on owner agreement).

Rent Collection: Tenants have the choice to pay online, mail-in, or in person.

Routine inspections for *pest and other possible problem prevention

Record-Keeping – file leases, forms, receipts for maintenance and etc.

Send landlord month Rent Roll & Expense Reports

Managed Properties Evictions
Eviction notices are automatically disbursed on the 5th day of each month for any unpaid/ past due rent amounts. We will prepare payment arrangements for tenants to make up rent in arrears at our discretion, with the support of the property owner. The property owner agrees to evict tenants at the discretion of management. Management is paid commission based on the amount of rent collected each month, and so it is our interest not to evict tenants without very good cause, but we will not work with problem tenants who do not pay their rent, do not respect the building, or their neighbors and/or management

Landlord pays costs based on county requirements.

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